Event Details

7pm onwards: Arrive at venue

7.20pm:  introduction by Professor David Dexter, PUK’s deputy director of research.  

David previously was professor of neuropharmacology at imperial college, where one of his roles was scientific director at the Parkinson’s UK brain bank, the UK’s largest supplier of brain tissue for research dedicated to Parkinson’s. In his new role, David will utilise his 32 years’ experience in Parkinson’s research to oversee Parkinson’s UK’s funding of research grants, which investigate the causes of Parkinson’s and aim to unlock discoveries that will lead to better treatments, and ultimately a cure.

7.30-8.15pm: Update to be given by Heather Mortiboys, from the University of Sheffield for her drug repositioning research project, which SLYPN has helped fund since 2014. Dr Mortiboys was screening 4,000 drugs approved for other conditions. She is looking for existing drugs that can improve the function of the mitochondria and lysosomes, which are known to become damaged in the brain cells affected by Parkinson’s. Having started with 4,000 drugs she has narrowed that number down to 10. Her areas of interest are:

  • Drug re-purposing in Parkinson’s disease
  • LRRK2 and mitochondria
  • What role does mitochondrial DNA have in neurodegeneration?
  • Drug targeting of mitophagy

8.15-8.30pm – Q&A

8.30-10pm: Time to meet & greet Heather & David over drinks and a few nibbles.

Venue TBC – will be announced on Tuesday August 29th.