Many of you will have heard me talking up the 5th World Parkinson Congress (WPC2019) to be held in Kyoto, Japan June 4 – 7, 2019.

This exciting event is not to be missed and is now just under a year away! There will be several thousand attendees from around the world – a mix of PwPs, neurologists, professors, research scientists and health and nutrition experts.

The scientific sessions are thought-provoking, exciting, and include expanded Round Table sessions allowing for more delegates to meet with our top-notch speakers to ask questions and learn in small group discussions. To give you one example – I have some vision issues related to my Parkinson’s and I attended a round table discussion with a leading neuro-opthamologist. There were around 10 of us attending and I was able to ask several questions about my issues with spatial vision, depth perception and contrast visibility.

The Clinical Research Village is also expanding in unique and exciting ways where researchers will be able to share their ideas with patient advocates to get immediate feedback and input on their study and trial design. This is one aspect of patient engagement that will make WPC 2019 more exciting than ever before.

Other sessions I enjoyed were discussions on yoga for Parkinson’s and cannabis for Parkinson’s.Now here’s the exciting part and call to action….

Three wonderful women from southern California, all with Parkinson’s, have created a project to install an art piece of 10,000 folded origami cranes at the conference, each crane containing a message of hope for the world of Parkinson’s. They have already folded over 6,000 origami cranes. What they need now are your messages of hope to insert into the folded cranes.

World Parkinson CongressIt’s very simple – just visit this website, type in your country and message and choose Brian Lowe from the drop down pick menu – that’s me in my role as UK Blogger for the conference. Website is


No money or names and email addresses needed, just your messages of hope, which can be as simple as “hoping that a cure is found soon” to whatever you wish. Oh, and by the way, you can enter as many messages as you like!

Also please pass along to anyone you know who has a connection to Parkinson’s.