South London Younger Parkinson’s Network (SLYPN) is a support network for younger people, who are working age and live with Parkinson’s in South London. We are heavily involved with fundraising and have raised over £200,000 so far. We also make sure every penny raised goes towards research for a Parkinson’s cure.

1 in 20 people diagnosed with Parkinson’s is under 40, the SLYPN is affiliated to Parkinson’s UK and provides a valuable support network to people diagnosed with Parkinson’s at a young age.  Founders, Helen Stoinanov, Kate Wellington & Sarah Webb created it in 2011 to support the South London demographic who could not meet during the day, but wanted to find out more about symptoms, medication, treatments and to find general support.

South London Young Parkinson’s Network members are invited to regular coffee meet-ups, drinks and activities, plus our fundraising events – see the Our Community and Fundraising Events pages for more details.

Latest News

SLYPN Members’ Whatsapp group

Our friendly Whatsapp group is a busy place for sharing information, asking medical advice, have a rant about anything as well as a place to have a laugh and share a few jokes (keep them clean please!). We also share the link to the quiz nights via Whatsapp. Please...

SLYPN weekly quiz night on Zoom

Since the beginning of lockdown in March 2020, we have held a quiz almost every week. This is a fun way for everyone to get together, keep in touch with some friendly competition thrown in for good measure. All ideas welcome and please feel free to host one! If you...

Popping for Parkinson’s on Zoom

Simone Sistarelli, our fabulous Popping teacher, is now hosting Popping via Zoom. Please see the events page for dates and times. Send a short email to Simone to be added to the sessions: