It’s time to spring into action – abandon those nasty addictive social media devices and comfy couches and get out and about in the freshest of air. Yes, Spring is officially almost here and as I look out of my London window I’m seeing blue sky, sunshine and a nice breeze. Far more exhilarating than the stale blue screen of my laptop!

So, how do we spring into action? Well, we all know that exercise is a must do with Parkinson’s, but what’s the best type of exercise and where to do it? Ideally the exercise needs to be vigorous so it gets your heart rate pumping and also has some mental component to help with engaging the neuroplasticity effect on and in the brain. Activities that accomplish this include Popping for Parkinson’s, nordic pole walking, non-contact boxing and PD Warrior. All are great forms of exercise, can be done in a group setting and require some mental activity. Riding an exercise bike in a gym is ok, but there’s no mental activity required (one time I actually briefly fell asleep on such a bike and almost fell off!). So try some of these neuroactive activities and pick a couple that you really enjoy and find to be fun and go out and do them!

Now to really engage in the healing process, it’s best to be outdoors in a park or other pleasant location, and if you can be at the beach or near a river or lake, wow that’s a winning combination. And if there’s sunshine, there’s the vitamin D boost we all need.

One benefit of getting involved with group exercise is that you’re more motivated to attend the class and visit with friends afterwards for a coffee or drink. This helps overcome the “stay at home indoors” apathy and lack of motivation that can be a symptom of Parkinson’s

Here in London, we can choose from Popping for Parkinson’s, nordic pole walking in the park, boxing and coming soon, PD Warrior. Contact me if you’d like more details on any of these activities.

So get out and just do it!


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