Thanks to Simone, our Popping dance teacher, Sarah has been recognised for her commitment to Parkinson’s. We spoke to Simone to find out what motivated him to work with Sarah and SLYPN.

When did you first become involved in SLYPN and meet Sarah?
I first emailed Sarah in January 2015. I wanted to offer her a Popping dance class for people with Parkinson’s, and she immediately embraced the idea. Fast forward to July 2015, we were able to offer the very first trial class to the network. Everyone loved it so much that we haven’t stopped dancing since!

What prompted you to nominate Sarah for this community award?
Sarah is a phenomenal person. She is by nature a community builder, and she is able to support people regardless of her challenges. She is a light for so many people she absolutely deserves to be recognized.

What have you learned about Parkinson’s through your popping classes?
I discovered what it actually means to live with Parkinson’s, facing daily battles and challenges. There is only so much you can learn about Parkinson’s on books and studies. At the same time, I also realised how much of an impact an hour a week of a dance class can have on peoples lives.I thought dance was beneficial, but this project showed me that dance is life changing. 

Tell us three tips for improving your mobility with Popping?
Move! Find a movement regime, an artistic expression, an exercise routine, anything that resonates with you, and move! Moving is a primal urge, let’s not allow Parkinson’s to repress it. Remember, showing up to a class is always the hardest part of it, after that everything is downhill!

What are your plans for the next year or so?
We are soon launching World Popping Dance Day on April 11th. We want to remix World Parkinson’s Day and bring a positive artistic light while still raising awareness for the disease. Follow all updates on

Should we expect any more surprises?
There a couple of side projects brewing, so stay tuned! Make sure you follow the project on all social media

If you want to dance with us, join our classes:Tuesdays 5pm UK time online Thursdays 7pm at The Wimbledon Club, SW19 5AG Always free of charge!

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