Some of our members will be familiar with Robert Francis Muller, who produced our stunning fundraising film two years ago, called Tick Tock.

Here is, in Robert’s own words, a description of his most recent film, which SLYPN helped to fund.

This is the teaser trailer for my film Wrecking Machine that I was inspired to make through my own personal experience with depression and self destructive behaviour. I developed a character that embodies the stereotype of what it is to be a man and it is through this character I brought to life a poem that my Grandpa wrote back in 1983 about his own sense of self.
I continue the poem with my own writing and look for answers to my own self doubt. It is a hybrid of documentary and drama, the dialougue questions our perception of truth in film and plays with medium to tackle a subject that is very often brushed under the carpet.
This film was successfully funded through Indiegogo and is still open for contributions as it met the target. I am hoping to submit this film to as many film festivals I can in the hope I can spread the film’s theme to as many people as possible.

Wrecking Machine (trailer) by Robert Francis Müller from Robert Francis Müller on Vimeo.

We wish Robert every success with this film. To see Tick Tock, click here.



Robert has launched a new film called True Mirrior. “True Mirror follows on from the success of my previous Indiegogo funded short film Wrecking Machine which made the official selection at the BAFTA qualifying Aesthetica Short Film Festival” he said.

True Mirror is a brutally honest reflection of the grey void between masculinity and femininity. You can view it here: